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Business Owner Spotlight

Antania Priester


Antania “Nia” Priester is known for her strength and encouraging spirit flowing out of her sincere mission to help others. She is a therapist, licensed behavioral specialist and certified professional coach. Dedicated to facilitating growth and emotional well-being, Nia’s body of work spans to almost two decades and includes published articles and her book titled “Defenses Getting out of Emotional Prison”. As a champion for emotional well-being, Nia holds a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and has an extensive background in the mental health field totaling 20 years of experience. Her expertise involves working in both local and state government throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Nia was also recognized for her continued dedication to the Human Service field and subsequently was recognized in 2011-2012 by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW).

She is a woman of God who has vision and purpose. Nia is a living testament to how embarking on a journey to heal and get out of her own emotional prison has allowed her to find purpose. She is the CEO of Nia’s Relationship & Life Coaching, LLC. Nia uses a healing coach approach which has been instrumental in helping men, woman and children: heal from past trauma, establish healthy relationships/boundaries, build healthy self-esteem, forgive themselves and others, find their purpose and live authentically. She has even been instrumental in helping agencies boost employee morale by instituting policies that have improved workplace culture.

There is no better arena in which to experience Nia’s dynamic presence than in her coaching. She is loving, compassionate yet her straight talk approach evokes people and agencies to make the change for the better. She uses various platforms to promote her message of forgiveness, healing, love and creating a healthy environment so that you can have the life you desire. You can experience these messages in her coaching program, book, speaking engagements, course workshop and social media. Nia continues to walk in her God-given purpose by inspiring people to be resilient, strive for self-improvement, self-love and by making a commitment to lifelong growth that will yield a prevailing and positive harvest in every facet of their life.


IG- @Nia_Talks

FB- Nia_Talks

[email protected]

Ph: 984-377-7440

Photo Credit: Vicki Vellios Briner

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