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Every Woman Has a Story

Andrea M. Smith 

The Process Coach

Andrea M. Smith empowers others through the promotion of personal development. As a mental health advocate, she equips individuals to navigate and embrace their healing journey so that healing shows up in every area of their life.

As the Process Coach, she helps individuals recovering from emotional/mental trauma embrace their road to recovery and position themselves to live the life they desire. Andrea believes there is such a thing as a new beginning. Hers began when she said yes to her journey of healing and meant it. After struggling for over 30 years with depression stemming from the childhood molestation she suffered from ages 11-13, Andrea relied on her ability to disassociate from such a devastating act to cope. But, unfortunately, she kept hiding the pain. It was not until the passing of her beloved mother, a devastating divorce, and a financial crisis that she became homeless and understood she could no longer hide the scars of her abuse.

Andrea sought the strength and courage to rebuild her emotional and mental health through prayer and counsel. She now uses her journey of inner healing to remind others that they are not their experience but full of promise, potential, purpose, greatness, and hope.

She reminds others that healing and hope will continue to be their greatest weapons to living victorious lives. She teaches that the journey of discovering "you" will be exciting; It is unveiling what is unknown while appreciating and celebrating what is known. What you discover about yourself is achieved through lessons that only your designed path can teach.

Andrea resides in Newark, Delaware, and is the mother of one son Evan. 

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